Creating your authentic self

Learn to be in Flow with who you really are and your true purpose in life.

Get in flow with your life’s true purpose
What will you get from this program?

Get in flow with your life’s true purpose

In this coaching program, you will learn to continuously evolve your authentic identity. We start with understanding, appreciating and activating your authentic self. When you learn to do this, you will learn how to be more in flow with who you really are and what your true purpose in life is really all about.

Who is this program for?

For young people who want and need more authenticity

Could you be more fulfilled, and have more happiness in your life? When you learn to identify your authentic ways of being and notice how you are engaging and reacting to family, relationships, and work, you become empowered to shift your state at will. We call this a state change.

Many of us get stuck in wanting to change ourselves but not knowing how. There are key areas in your life where you can implement transformational growth, so that you you can feel more in flow and connected to your true purpose. Once you really get this, you will never forget it.

Weekly modules for the “Creating your authentic self” program

8 live-coaching sessions, once per week

Weekly modules for the “Creating your authentic self” program:

  1. Introduction and program overview
  2. Honour your dynamic modes of being
  3. Acknowledge your personal strengths
  4. Personify time as your helper
  5. Break free of limiting rules and shift patterns
  6. Honor your core values for authenticity
  7. Nurture key relationships for meaningful connection
  8. Completion and acknowledgements with next steps

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