Terms of use

The statements below clarify some of the terms and conditions that you accept when joining one of our coaching programs.

Hey, welcome to David Andrews!

We’re very pleased to have you joining us, and we intend to support you on your coaching journey so that you become a supportive resource to everyone around you. The statements below are here to clarify some of the terms and conditions that all client/students accept when joining one of our coaching programs. In order to move forward you must agree to the terms below, and by registering for a program, you confirm that you agree to all of these terms. These terms may be unilaterally changed by David Andrews from time to time, and you should check for updates. If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to reach us at davidandrews999@icloud.com . We look forward to working with you!

21-day money-back guarantee

Your coaching program is covered by an unconditional refund guarantee for twenty one (21) days from date of your purchase. If you would like your refund for any reason, you must email davidandrews999@icloud.com within 21 days of your purchase date to receive a hassle-free refund. Under no circumstances will refunds be granted after 21 days following the date of purchase. If you attend or participate in a training or live event during the 21-day period, you cannot later request a refund, so the period of the guarantee ends at 2:00 p.m. eastern time the first day of your attendance or participation at such an event.

Client/student participation

All client/student participation in coaching events, consultations, and webinars may be used by David Andrews for educational or other purposes, and all client/student contributions and correspondence to David Andrews whether written, spoken, or photographed, filmed, or emailed, becomes the property of David Andrews. We may edit, reproduce, or distribute part or all of any conversations, interventions, feedback, emails at our sole discretion. By purchasing your Coaching program, you agree that we can photograph, video, or audio record your voice and image(s). These recordings are owned by David Andrews and can be used by us anywhere, anytime, and for any purpose. To opt out of this (that is, if you do not wish to be recorded), you must not “appear” during the programming (e.g., by activating voice, if by phone, or by turning on your video, if by video) and you assume any effects of this decision on your experience.

By purchasing a coaching program, you take full responsibility for having a computer, adequate internet connection, and a telephone, and for dedicating time to complete your program. David Andrews is not liable for your inability or failure to access or use the coaching provided, and such access will not be the basis for refunding your tuition after the 21 Day Money-Back Guarantee period has expired.


We may offer bonuses in our discretion. These bonuses are intended as a supplement to the coaching, which may be live, online, and/or phone-based. Bonuses are not to be relied on as a substitute for coaching. In addition, where bonuses are intangible (e.g. webinars), we have the discretion to offer them and to take them away for any reason.

Accounts and liability

Accounts and online access is assigned on an individual basis. The coaching webinars are strictly and only for the registered client/students. Revealing any login or registration information to other individuals is a direct violation of these terms and your agreement and may result in termination, suspension or revocation of member status. Access to the David Andrews content by more than one individual also is a direct violation of these terms and that license. These unauthorized actions also constitute copyright violations. Check with your accountant, lawyer or professional advisor, before acting on this or any information. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life and business, and by registering for your coaching programs you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstances.

Members who submit payment or access our site or information by any means represent and warrant to us that they are legally an adult (or otherwise of legal age), or may present the expressed, written consent of a parent or legal guardian at any time. Those accessing the site, assume all responsibility for complying with laws, rules and regulations specific to their location.

Non-professional advice

The information and services provided by David Andrews are intended for educational and informational purposes only and is in no way to be interpreted as professional advice. For direction on matters of counseling and medical advice, seek out a registered professional. You acknowledge that the coaching, skills and strategies we provide, and you agree that David Andrews does not authorize client/students to practice any professional disciplines of any kind, whether or not they require local, national, or international licensure, including without limitation medical, psychotherapy, counseling, therapeutic, or marriage and family therapy. You also agree not to present to any person any of our information as an alternative to such professional advice.


We expect all client/students to use discretion to keep information confidential, and you agree to do just that. The content contained within these communications is the responsibility of users. David Andrews and its affiliates assume no responsibility for content posted inappropriately. If a client/student is found to be posting in such a way that does not honor the community guidelines they may be removed immediately from a forum or private group.

Refusal of service

Your participation is built on the premise that all participants will be civil and respectful to others within the David Andrews community. Inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to harassment, sexual or explicit comments, aggressive behavior, intent to embarrass, humiliate, threaten, or harass other students, staff, or administrators, or other intentional mistreatment of members or staff will result in suspension, or cancellation of your access to programes.

David Andrews reserves the right to refuse access to client/students who violate these community standards. (Please rest assured that all this is VERY rare and only takes place after multiple communications fail to bring peace.) Suspension may be a result while under investigation.

If you would like to report another user for abuse of this policy, please submit an email to davidandrews999@icloud.com explaining the situation and we will investigate.

Health of participant(s)

Being in good health may be important to participate well and realize the full potential of training and retreat events. If need be please consult your physician before beginning any extended period of activity or attending a retreat event. By signing up, you represent that your health and mental wellness will not interfere with David Andrews programs, your coaching, others’ coaching, or live events. We thank you for your cooperation.

Complaints procedure

You agree to direct any and all compliments, questions, concerns, complaints, criticisms, disputes about David Andrews, products, or services to davidandrews999@icloud.com Having set up this communication channel to accommodate you, we reserve the right not to respond to any other communication channel.

Thank you

Thanks for reading, reviewing and complying with our Terms of Service, which enable us to continue coaching you according to the highest coaching standards. We look forward to seeing you in many of our coaching programs.