Empowering your emotional wellness

Anxiety is a wave of energy. Learn to ride the wave through spiritual calm, connection, and composure.

Transform your emotional life into a discovery
What will you get from this program?

Transform your emotional life into a discovery

Emotional growth requires that we fully embrace our emotions and allow ourselves to experience exactly what we feel in the moment. We can only get better at this. Some of us are frustrated with our emotions and wish they would go away. Others have learned to trust emotions as a guide, and a blessing along the way. In this program we will learn to welcome our emotions when they arise and authentically communicate them. Emotional awareness and presence improve our state of being in any life situation. The first step on this journey is, learning to deeply accept and embrace your emotional life. Only then can you transform it into an exciting adventure.

Who is this program for?

For people who are experiencing anxiety, worry, and overwhelm

We all experience anxiety, fear and self doubt at times. When we learn to re-think anxiety we experience it as a teacher saying, “Wait, pay attention here”. When you carefully pay attention to and write down how and when and with whom you experience anxiety, you will come to appreciate anxiety as your helper. In this coaching program, we will transform mind anxiety, body anxiety, and situational anxiety. When the wave comes, you can learn to ride the wave so that you no longer get beached by the wave.

Weekly modules for the “Empowering your emotional wellness” program

8 live-coaching sessions, once per week

Weekly modules for the “Empowering your emotional wellness” program:

  1. Introduction and program overview
  2. Empowering emotions
  3. Healing your anxiety
  4. Purpose, posture, presence, and picture
  5. Certainty and uncertainty
  6. Emotional goal setting
  7. Creating mental calm and composure
  8. Completion and acknowledgements with next steps

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