Manifesting spirituality

Learn to increase your natural, creative energy and connect with your spiritual self.

Connect with your spiritual self
What will you get from this program?

Connect with your spiritual self

Embark on an 8-week journey with the Manifesting Spirituality coaching program. Guided inner sessions, including meditation and topic exploration, lead to personal reflection and sharing. Explore your spiritual experience, soul contracts, and personal growth through mindfulness and energy work. Expand your relationship with the universe, shed what’s no longer needed, and embrace your higher self in this transformative program.

Who is this program for?

For people on a journey of spiritual quest

Connecting to our creativity is a wonderful way to find resources and help us live life more fully. In this coaching program, you will learn to increase your natural creativity through the exploration of your archetypes. This universal energy is transformative and folded within you.

Weekly modules for the “Manifesting spirituality” program

8 live-coaching sessions, once per week

Weekly modules for the “Manifesting spirituality” program:

  1. Introduction and program overview
  2. The magician archetype
  3. Expansion and contraction
  4. Awakening, loves inner wisdom
  5. Healthy boundaries
  6. Full archetype process
  7. Life, contract journey
  8. Completion and acknowledgements with next steps

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